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History of Bagh Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

The political environment had further deteriorated in the State o Jammu & Kashmir after the unanimously passed and adopted resolution on 19th July 1947. This resolution firmly stated that “the state of Jammu and Kashmir should accede to Pakistan for geographic contiguity, religious and cultural reasons and ethnicity. In this meeting it was resolved that all party workers would work in there areas of influence with regards to the spirit of resolution.

In Bagh, Syed Hussan Shah Gardezi who was president of Muslim Conference of Tehsil Bagh AK with the other activists like Sayyed Khadim Hussain Shah, Secretary Muslim conference Bagh, Sardar Doost Mohammad Khan and others were assigned the task to actively coordinate and further strengthen the objectives of the party.

During this period Dogra army victimized hundreds of Muslim and burnt several houses of Muslims to ashes. This situation made the activist to organize a clandestine action committee, to launch armed struggle, the only dispensable way to overthrow the problem.

On knowing about this action committee, Dogra regime arrested Syed Hussain Shah Gardezi and many others. Section 144 was already imposed on this area and the entire activist started violating it. Meanwhile Syyed Sadiq Hussain Shah, Adil Gardezi, Moulana Mazhar Nadvi and Syed Shamshad Hussain decided and worked for organizing a meeting with people at the central place of Bagh Azad Kashmir and also to hoist Pakistan flag on Bagh Azad Kashmir Fort. This procession while marching towards Bagh was found by hundreds of Muslims and when it reached Neela butt it had already turned into thousands.

Here under the leadership of Peer Ali Ashghar Shah the procession proceeded towards Bagh where it camped at Huda Bari Bagh Azad Kashmir because the Dogra army has encircled and targeted the whole area.

On 26 Aug, 1947 when the grand meeting at Huda Bari Bagh started the Dogra opened fire. It was the time when Peer Ali Ashghar Shah had just stood at the stage to address the people. The first shot pierced to the chest of Qabil Khan a volunteer from Sohawa who was martyred while having raised an unfurled Pakistan’s flag. Approximate 80 people were injured. This cause serious anger throughout the whole state and Muslims of Bagh Azad Kashmir and Sudhnoti Azad Kashmir announce armed rebellion as the only solution to the problem.

After the liberation of Bagh Azad Kashmir, civil order was restored and Peer Ilyyas Shad Qazi Aalim din were appointed as the chief of Bait-ul-mall. Before 1947, Bagh was one of the four Tehsils of the State of Poonch AJK. It was declared as district in 1988, before it was a part of District Poonch.

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  • Tourism

    Bagh town can be visited year round. This town is accessible by metal roads from Rawalpindi, District Muzffarabad and District Poonch. You can drive in your own car, van or bus to Bagh (166 km. from Rawalpinid, 100 km from Muzaffarabad via kohalla, and 46 km from Rawalakot). Bagh Azad Kashmir is also linked with Muzaffarabad via Sudhan Gali with the distance of 86 km. The area of higher altitude like Dhirkot, Neela Butt, Mahmood Gali, Lasdana and Kahuta can be visited only in summer, as these spots are too cold in winter.

  • Weather Forecasting

    Bagh Azad Kashmir Weather Forecasting – One day weather forecast, two days weather forecast, three days weather forecast, Bagh Weekly weather forecast even 10 days is weather forecast is available at web-portal of Bagh Azad Kashmir. This Bagh Forecasting report is updated through reliable sources. We are updating the Bagh AK Weather Forecasting links / pages regularly So you can get the most recent forecasting details.

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    HExplore the Bagh Azad Kashmir on Google Earth with interactive maps, accurate driving directions. Get the Satellite View image a real-time view and view the online images and Locations of Bagh Azad Kashmir. Drag the Map of Bagh AK just on your single mouse click and view even your house, office or any desired location in Bagh Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

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